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Product: CVR
Part#: 93A100-83
Price: $3,000.00
Detail: In stock, SV, 8/2016 FAA 8130
Product: TOP KIT 737-300
Part#: 61-74484-1
Price: $450.00
Detail: In stock, FN, OEM trace.
Product: Tube Assy 737-300
Part#: 65-67389-149
Price: $1,200.
Detail: In stock, FN, OEM trace

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Quantum Global, Inc. offers a wide range of aerospace support services including aircraft product support, repair management, brokerage services, inventory valuation, and on site and off site consignment inventory sales management .

Aircraft Parts Support

By maintaining a highly efficient operation and low overhead costs, Quantum Global is able to offer its customers the most competitive price points in the industry. Furthermore, we ensure that special attention is paid to each an every order. Every order is carefully checked to ensure that proper documentation, traceability and shipping details are provided.

Repair Management Services

Quantum Global has partnered with a select group of FAA and EASA approved repair facilities to provide repair services for a wide range of avionic, instrument, accessory, and engine components. Flat rate pricing along with guaranteed turn times and extended warranties are offered for both repairs and overhauls.

Consignment Services

Quantum Global offers both on site and off site consignment inventory management, sales, and marketing services. All inventory is maintained, segregated, and insured in a secure warehouse facility.